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Arashigakure (嵐隠れの里, Arashigakure No Sato; lit. meaning "Village Hidden in the Storms") is the powerful hidden village of the Land of the Dragon (龍の国, Ryū No Kuni). As part of the Great Shinobi Countries, Arashigakure is lead by a Kage known as Ryūkage. Through many years, this village had one Ryūkage, which is currently Sensō Shinno, but he took his place as the second for he stated that the "real" First Ryūkage is his father. Arashigakure is renowned of its history, and its powerful elite shinobi army, which battled the infamous Yajū (野獣, Yajū; lit. meaning "monster"), a three-headed demon dog which once was sealed beneath the village's foundation, along with the Raijū (雷獣, Raijū; lit. meaning "thunder beast").

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